Infection Control Officer

This standard provides the minimum requirements for a fire department, law enforcement, and EMS infection control program to identify and limit the potential of an infectious exposure to fire department members during the performance of their assigned duties and within the fire department working and living environment. Several OSHA standards and directives are directly applicable to protecting workers against the transmission of infectious agents. This program will cover important rules and regulations set forth by OSHA for workplace safety and infectious disease exposure.

Infection Control Officer

Do you have a designated infection control officer at your organization? This course is designed to prepare the Infection Control Officer to fully meet the requirements for the position established under NFPA 1581, OSHA, and the Ryan White Law. The Ryan White Law states that each EMS, Fire, and law enforcement agency must have a designated officer and an alternate to manage exposures for the department. The course will focus on legal and clinical issues with an emphasis on the implementation of the program. Participants will have access to resources including a template for an infection control plan that can be modified for your service. This course is 100% online, with no classroom or virtual requirement.

Designated Infection Control Officer (DICO)

Texas Infection Control Officer (TICO)

Critical Care Paramedic Review Course

In critical care transport, it is important that the advanced provider maintain competency and have a baseline of knowledge to care for the critical patients encountered during air and ground transport. This review course is approved by the International Board of Specialty Certifications (IBSC®) and the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). The course meets the recertification requirements for currently certified FP-C® and/or CCP-C®. UMBC accepts all 36 hours of CE toward recertification requirements of CCEMTP®.

EKG Technician

EKG Technician

EKG Courses

Understanding and interpreting an EKG can be challenging. MedicalEdNows’ Basic EKG and 12 Lead EKG courses equip EMS, Nursing, and Allied Healthcare Professionals with the essential knowledge needed to quickly identify potential cardiac events and how to respond appropriately.

Basic EKG

12 Lead EKG


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