Stop The Bleed for Nurses

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According to the National Trauma Institute (2018), “after a traumatic injury, hemorrhage is responsible for over 35% of pre-hospital deaths and over 40% of deaths within the first 24 hours, second only to the rates of death due to severe central nervous system injury”.  Even with extensive prevention and safety measures, traumatic injury is not always avoidable. A traumatic injury is legally defined as “a wound or a condition of the body caused by external force, including injuries inflicted by bullets, explosives, sharp instruments, blunt objects or other physical blows, chemicals, electricity, climatic conditions, infectious diseases, radiation, and bacteria, but excluding stress and strain”. Many of these injuries can cause life-threatening blood loss and result in death before professional help arrives. Fortunately, with a few simple techniques, rapid blood loss can often be prevented by adults with little or no first aid training.

This course reviews bystander interventions prior to EMS arrival, hemorrhage control, and tourniquet application.


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