Lab Analysis for EMS

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Laboratory assessment and Point of Care (POC) Testing. Students will be prepared to discuss the following:  

  1. Review POC testing types currently available 
  2. Discuss the implications of testing. 
  3. Discuss general testing principles, accuracy, specificity, and predicted value  
  4. Review ions, anions, and fluid compartments 
  5. Discuss acid/ base balance and determines of change 
  6. Discuss ABG analysts and BMP in relation to patient condition 
  7. Explain blood typing, safety in blood administration and evidence-based guidelines for transfusion  
  8. Discuss CBC components individually 
  9. Discuss BMP components individually 
  10. Discuss PT/PTT/INR/Xa 
  11. Discuss Urinalysis
  12. Discuss CSF analysis


19-MEDN-F3-3033 1 CEU


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