Don’t Bump That Bump (F5 VILT)



Don’t Bump That Bump (F5 VILT)

Most times, pregnancy proceeds with no problems.  Even field deliveries are usually routine.  However, there may be a time where the patient has a complication during the delivery.  When this happens the emergency responder must be prepared to deal with the emergency.   In this live instructor led VILT session, the student will interact and discuss with a live educator and other students obstetrical emergencies in the field.

This course is for the BLS & ALS Provider.

CAPCE#:  19-MEDN-F5-3014

EMS CEU – .5 Hours

This is a VILT session which means it is NOT self-paced.  You must attend at the time the class is being offered in a live classroom.

Each VILT session is counted hour for hour as if you were sitting in a classroom.

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