Corporate Infection Control


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Corporate Infection Control. This course is designed for non-medical personnel who require education on infection control in the work environment. As companies have team members return to work in the coming months, they will require training and compliance in the new work environment. Mitigating infections and the risk of infections is a workplace health issue, compliance issue, and a legal/insurance requirement. Does your organization have an Infection Control Officer? What infection control training will you require for line employees when they return to work? Has your insurance carrier or legal team identified and discussed new regulations and state requirements? Who is keeping track of all the training? Returning to work safely requires education and a specific infection control plan, compliant with US Code, OSHA, and administrative law.  This comprehensive course consists of the following modules.

  • Infection control principles
  • Stop the bleed
  • Corporate environments, social distancing, and hygiene
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • COVID-19

Need a plan for the whole team? Do you need CPR & First Aid? See our Corporate Infection Control with CPR program. we have those courses as well. Give us a call today before your team returns to work. 855-298-8900




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