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As far as Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) we know they’re occurring and appear to be increasing. The data shows a 3-fold increase in incidents occurring and despite the increasing trend, there was no guidance document until NFPA3000. This course reviews the NFPA guidelines as well as the Pulse nightclub shooting. 

  • Understand components of an active shooter
  • Create a plan for your department or agency 
  • Review trauma in response to patients
  • Perform a risk assessment

This course is for the BLS & ALS Provider.

CAPCE#: 19-MEDN-F5-3019

EMS CEU – 2 Hours

This is a VILT session which means it is NOT self-paced.  You must attend at the time the class is being offered in a live classroom.

Each VILT session is counted hour for an hour as if you were sitting in a classroom.


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