Learning Management System – Build, Assign, Train & Track 100% Online!

MedEdNows’ Galaxy Online Training Solution – eLearning platform is more than your average run of the mill online training software solution.  Our dynamic, state of the art eLearning Platform lets you and your department manage anything in the platform from profile fields, to report types, different course and classroom types from in person, to online and virtual live.   With the GalaxyOTS platform you can make interactive videos, build test banks, track certifications as well as state and national requirements for any type of licensure or certification.

With the GalaxyOTS eLearning Platform you and your company have access to a library of tools to help you manage your staff, training and records they way you want to from a mobile device to a desktop computer and from anywhere you are.

Take your companies education online and records management performance to the next level with the MedEdNow Galaxy Online Training Solution eLearning Platform!

Assign & Customize Training:  Schedule and deliver accredited online courses or customized training activities with a few clicks to anyone no matter where they are in a matter of seconds.

Track & Report Progress:  Monitor training progress as well as local, state and national certification or licensure requirements with powerful report tools that allow you to see your members progress in real time no matter where they are.  Break it down by supervisor or see the entire company and set up adhoc reports to show up when you want them and to who you want them to go to.

Centralize Resources:  Store files from documents to videos and everything in between in a password protected File Center.  You can store files accessible to staff within your department and to certain people and your staff can store files in their file center for personal usage anytime.

Coordinate Events:  Manage events and off-site training, track attendees and distribute pre- or post-event material.  Even use the powerful scheduling software in the platform for training rooms, equipment usage as well as virtual live classrooms for any use.

Streamline Communication: Send announcements and facilitate and start discussions with the Bulletin Board and online forum as well as real time messaging and emails in the LMS.