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Over the last 30 years, Ambulance standards, designs, and construction as well as safety features installed into ambulances have evolved.  For EMS providers, these ambulances are the workhorse of their entire job and is the piece of equipment utilized more than anything else by the EMS Provider.

To help provide an overview of different standards, new guidelines, and recommendations, as well as provide some insight into an emergency response for EMS providers, MedEdNow developed the all-new course:  Ambulance Transport Safety for EMS Providers.  This online CAPCE accredited online EMS self-paced course features new design and construction concepts of ambulances, seat configuration, sterile cockpit concept, and emergency vehicle response considerations.

1.Course Overview

This microlearning course is an interactive-driven course.  Ambulance Transport Safety reviews the standards set-forth that guides ambulance manufacturers when designing and building ambulances and best practices for EMS providers when designing an ambulance for their agency.

Throughout this CAPCE accredited online EMS self-pace course, the student can review the data, interact with downloadable sheets to compare ambulance standards, review pediatric safety during transport, the proper use of shoulder straps and lap belts and most importantly, how to mitigate the risk during an emergency response.

1.Benefits of Ambulance Transport Safety Online Course for EMS Providers

EMS Providers must have the proper equipment to complete their mission profile.  To do this, the EMS provider must understand how ambulance design and construction as well as safety features incorporated into the ambulance design, affect the crew who will utilize the ambulance.

Upon completing this course, individuals will be able to identify the standards associated with ambulance design and construction, understand the process of designing an ambulance and important factors to be considered during the design phase, and most importantly, how to use the safety equipment as well as some tips on how to mitigate risk during an emergency response.

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