MedEdNow is proud to announce the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) approval of our nationally accredited Designated Infection Control Officer Program that can be completed 100% online, at your pace, from any device.

Michigan Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is held to the same standard and federal laws as Fire/EMS agencies regarding infection control. Chief Klowsowski-Lorenz of the Tawas City Police sought out MedEdNows’ EMS accredited program for MCOLES approval. “Officers nationwide are transitioning to online and virtual education. However, many courses are not approved for 302 funds (federal funds)” relates Chief Klowsowski-Lorenz. “After reviewing the material in MedEdNow’s DICO course, I knew this is an excellent program for all Michigan law enforcement. I requested MedEdNow seek MCOLES approval”. Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Jake Weinstein said, “I was excited to receive a call from Chief Klowsowski-Lorenz and engage the Michigan law enforcement community to offer this training.” MedEdNow obtained approval from MCOLES on 01/08/2021 and is currently submitting additional mandatory courses for approval. This allows our law enforcement colleagues to use 302 funds in accessing training, a budget issue specific to law enforcement. Dr. Jake went on to say, “We plan on seeking approval in other states, expanding access to the course with federal funds”.

Law Enforcement Training

Law Enforcement Training

“The primary resource we have in this business is our people. So, it’s time that we shift more of our focus towards them and ensure they have the right training, and the staff has the knowledge to know what to do when an exposure has occurred,” says Dr. Jake Weinstein Chief Learning Officer.  “The Ryan White Law has set national expectations amongst Emergency Medical Services, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement agencies, and other emergency response agencies in terms of protecting our personnel from the risks they encounter.  I would challenge every agency to ask themselves, do they know what these requirements are? Does our agency have a Designated Infection Control Officer and if so, have they had the proper training to ensure compliance with state and federal laws?  One of the many things we really like about the program is that it is online, and we always have access to the course and resources and to network with other EMS and healthcare professionals around the country doing the same thing we are doing.

Course Overview

Here’s a complete list of the modules in the MedEdNow Designated Infection Control Officer Program

1 – Introduction to being a Designated Infection Control Officer

 2 – The United States Code & Regulations (Why the Federal Mandate?)

 3 – Clinical Concepts in Infection Control

4 – Bloodborne Pathogens Training Mandate

 5 – Personal Protective Equipment

 6 – Regulated Medical Waste, Confidentiality, and HIPAA

 7 – For Texas EMS Providers Only (Covering Texas Specific Regulations)

 8 – Free Resources for the DICO

Forum – Open to all current and past participants to communicate and stay in touch with DICO professionals around the country.

For questions about MedEdNows’ training catalog for infection control officers and staff, please contact us today (855-298-8900) or send us an email at [email protected], and will get back to you within 1 business day!