How to thank a superhero during COVID

EMT’s, Paramedics, Firefighters, RT’s and Nurses = Superheros

As we approach the end of a very difficult year, many of us are turning our thoughts to friends and family. This year we may not be able to be with them, hugs will be distanced, and gatherings will be small. While we are thinking of our families, we know all of us to belong to another family. First responders and front-line healthcare workers are instrumental during COVID and have their lives on the line. How can we thank the people who are sacrificing so much to keep us healthy?

In the spring we gave thanks in the form of food and clapping at the change of shift. Videos from cities across the nation popped up on social media of thunderous applause at the change of shift. Acknowledgment after 12 hours of being on your feet in full PPE was needed and appreciated. Meals arrived at nursing units (please no more pizza, everyone is struggling with COVID weight) and offered a reprieve for nurses sequestered to their unit and firefighters stuck in the station.


Spring and Summer

Spring turned to summer, COVID dwindled and we had time for respite and reconciliation. In the fall COVID returned with vengeance. Fire departments had trucks down and members out by the dozen. This created significant staffing shortages. Hospitals started to scramble as rates of COVID rose and available nurses vanished. The second wave started, and the support of the public shrank. They, however, were persistent. When the tones went off, they got on the truck, answering the call for help. With colleagues were out sick, some losing their lives to this disease, they remained steady on course.  Their focus turned to the vaccine and the promise of a new day.


In the last week, social media is buzzing with videos of nurses, firefighters, paramedics, and doctors receiving their first COVID vaccine dose. Support for first responders and frontline workers increased, and many turned to thank our first responders. Banners, food, and gifts arrived at hospitals and fire stations. Gift certificates for massages and cleaning services allowed frontline workers to continue fighting against COVID. While these gifts are great, as healthcare professionals our focus at year-end is renewing certifications. How can we thank the people who are sacrificing so much to keep us healthy?

Christmas and Hannukah

Are you looking for a special way to celebrate the season of giving for your favorite EMS individual? During these difficult and different times, another sweater or electronic toy just doesn’t seem to be appropriate. As the mother of one of these essential health care workers, who are working their butts off, I know how hard things can be now. Why not give them the gift of continuing education? You know that they want to be the very best EMT or paramedic for their patients and that courses are currently not being offered in person. MedEdNow is the solution with gift certificates for any of their online and or virtual classes. Keep your state and NREMT certification through CAPCE accredited F3 and F5 courses. Your favorite EMT or paramedic will thank you for helping them achieve their personal and professional goals, and you will feel good about letting them spend their hard-earned incomes in other ways.

A concerned mom

Refresher Gift Cards

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