Online Nursing Continuing Education

In the world we live in where we are all connected via a computer, a smartphone, or web conferencing tools, maintaining your mandated continuing education requirements has become easier than ever for healthcare professionals.

Either it be maintaining mandated requirements or expanding into areas of interest, over the last 30 years all 50 states now accept online continuing education courses in healthcare education, and the options for more advanced online healthcare education have only expanded since.

The old adage of it being hard to find courses or the selection of courses can no longer be used as an excuse for why you are missing out on continuing education opportunities.  Free and low-cost options to on-demand webinars, you can pursue online continuing education in many different ways than the traditional on-site, in-person opportunities which cost you and your company time and money.

Another great thing about online continuing education is that your employer is more than likely willing to provide some education reimbursement through an employee benefit to help you stay up-to-date.

So why should healthcare and nurse continue education important to you as an individual?  The simple answer…   In this business, there is always more to learn and to stay sharp on.  So how can online continuing education help you?

1.  Learn on your schedule

With online continuing education self-paced healthcare courses, you can usually study anytime and anywhere with the flexibility of 24/7, 365 days a year availability no matter where you are.  Finding time to get away to attend mandatory CE courses or to learn new skills can be a challenge.  Having the flexibility you need to juggle your busy schedule is ideal for working professionals.

2.  Learn new skills and stay up-to-date with existing ones

Learning new skills is not only important for professional development but studies show it is as important for personal gratification.  You may want to improve upon an existing skill you already have or learn a new one like an ecg course as an example to help you meet the challenges of your profession.

3.  Lower costs and keep your license active.

Depending on your healthcare professional, you are required to keep up with so many CEU/CME hours in different categories on different topics.  Having an online ce solution that allows you to get the CEU/CME hours you need and track them in one place is a valuable tool.  It is equally important to point out that online ce courses are cheaper than a traditional classroom or in-person option for continuing education.   Saving money while maintaining your current continuing education requirements while learning new skills are both important.

Online continuing education ensures that you can juggle your busy schedule as a working professional, maintain quality education that focuses on evidence-based medicine while at the same time continuing to provide quality patient care to the patients you serve.   Your participation in online healthcare continuing education benefits you personally and professionally.    So why would you not want to do it?

“Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating.  Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.   “Kofi Annan”